Here’s the short statement

And a brief update on the decriminalization front:

We received word that City Council planned to workshop our resolution to decriminalize entheogens in April. In response to public comments at the last City Council meeting, however, two councilmembers (Owen Rowe and Ariel Speser) asked that the workshop be moved earlier if at all possible. We will announce the date as soon as it is officially set.
Regardless, we are delighted to hear that our resolution is scheduled for a workshop. In the meantime, we will work to ensure all councilmembers are fully informed about the topic and will continue growing our organization to best provide education and support regarding psychedelics for our community in general. 


If you wish to join their regular Zoom meetings here’s the info

We had a delightful and very productive first Zoom meeting on February 9th, with 14 attendees. Our next meeting (expect them to occur about every two weeks) will be on Wednesday, February 24th from 7-8pm. Here is the Zoom link:

These meetings will continue to focus on growing our organization and core team. So if you are passionate about psychedelics and interested in donating your time, skills, expertise, and/or ideas to the Port Townsend Psychedelic Society, please join us!

The upcoming meeting will begin with brief updates on where things stand locally, progress made in the PTPS organization, and our next steps. We will then invite any new attendees to share a bit about themselves, their interest in psychedelics, and ways they might be interested in being involved. Finally, we will invite returning members to share their own updates, ideas, or questions. We will officially finish by 8pm, but will leave the Zoom room open until 8:30pm for those who want to keep connecting.