He doesn’t have to worry until after the election now. For the record this is his argument…

Congress has called for a vote on H.R. 3884, which involves the legalization of Marijuana.  I have written to all of Connecticut’s Congressional representatives, strongly urging them to reject this legislation.  I cannot believe that Congress would consider this legislation, especially at a time when our country is burning and there is destruction and violence nationwide.

Consider all the scientific and medical research on the effects associated with marijuana use, such as:

  • 100% increase in motor vehicle deaths
  • 40% to 50% increase in hospital visits
  • 40% to 50% increase in mental health diagnoses (it has its own treatment designation,“Marijuana Psychosis”)
  • Increase in school dropout rates
  • Increase in young adults with serious mental illness
  • Increase in marijuana violence
  • Increase in workplace accidents and usage

The CDC issued a marijuana public health warning in 2018.  VADM Jerome Adams, the Surgeon General, issued a marijuana health risk warning in February 2020. Both the United Nations and the World Health Organization have issued warnings on marijuana. I also recommend reading “Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence” (Alex Berenson); this book will shock you.

Employers –in states that have legalized marijuana and in states that have not legalized marijuana – are having a hard time finding new hires who are able to pass drug tests. The economic damage this legislation will cause this country – added to the damage caused by the COVID pandemic – will be devastating.

H.R. 3884 offers more assistance to the marijuana growing and retail businesses than what was offered to other small businesses that have suffered during the pandemic. I have watched many small businesses in my community close due to the pandemic; whatever assistance Congress offered never got to them. However, businesses in the United States that are owned by China and other countries did get pandemic money. Good job, Congress! If H.R. 3884 passes, businesses that sell marijuana – and destroy our economy and the population’s health in the process – will get federal assistance. That is simply illogical!

Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute examined the effect of legalized marijuana in the state of Colorado. Its report, released in November 2018, shows that, for every dollar in tax revenue received, Coloradans spent approximately $4.50 to mitigate the effects of legalization. In fact, Jeff Hunt, CCU’s vice president of public policy and the Centennial Institute’s director, issued a statement which says that figure is low: “Like tobacco, commercial marijuana is likely to have health consequences that we won’t be able to determine for decades. Those costs are not configured in the report… the economic and social costs in this report are intentionally low and the comprehensive costs are likely much higher.”

In the past three years, 70,000 lives per year have been lost to opiate addiction, and there are medical studies directly linking marijuana to opiate addiction. Is Congress really going to take up this issue, despite all of the medical and anecdotal evidence that marijuana is destructive?

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