27 April 2017

ASTM International, one of the world’s leading standards organizations, announced today that its board of directors has approved the formation of a committee on cannabis (D37).  The organization also announced that the committee will hold its first official meeting June 11-12 in Toronto.

Nearly 100 industry representatives, laboratories, associations, and others have been involved in organizing the new group. Several participants are featured in a new video and in a story for the May issue of Standardization News.

“This committee will help meet a need for safety and standardization in this fast-growing industry,” said Dr. Ralph Paroli, immediate past chairman of the board and director of R&D in measurement science and standards at the National Research Council of Canada.

“With decades of experience working with industries such as agriculture, packaging, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals, ASTM International and its members are uniquely qualified to develop standards for the cannabis industry,” said Paroli, who will serve as the committee’s first chairman.

“While ASTM International is not an advocacy organization, we are pleased to help convene experts and leaders in this industry as they build a foundation of strong technical standards,” said Kathie Morgan, ASTM International’s president.

According to organizers, the committee’s initial focus will be on standards development in six technical areas, which will be its subcommittees:
•    indoor and outdoor horticulture and agriculture,
•    quality management systems,
•    laboratory,
•    processing and handling,
•    security and transportation, and
•    personnel training, assessment, and credentialing.