11 January 2017

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) recently announced that it signed an agreement with Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) for cooperative research in developing new cannabinoid medicines for combating cancer and cancer pains. The company hopes that the agreement will lay a foundation for research on cannabinoid medicines as well as their clinical trials that will eventually fetch FDA approvals.

The terms of agreement

The collaboration will lead to setting up of Cannabis Science Institute lab at the Harvard Institute of Medicine. Under the terms of agreement, the company will get research expertise from Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, which will allow the company in development of preclinical and clinical cannabinoid compounds.

Hoping for the joint research successes

Cannabis Science is known for developing Cannabis Research based therapies and treatments and it largely aims to find a solution for cancer. The company hopes that research from Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center will provide valuable insight into the development of new medicines, which in turn, will benefit the cancer patients in the U.S.

The company hopes that the collective research, when progressed, will lead to cannabinoid cancer compounds on the clinical trial stage, which will help in faster and smoother FDA approval.

It is expected that the agreement will help cancer patients in getting what Professor Wilfred Ngwa of Global Health Catalyst, Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center defines, “urgency and obligation” of treatment “that can benefit patients.”

The two hope that the joint research project will find out about the Cannabinoids use in developing medicines for different kinds of cancers. The purpose of research is to develop anti-cancer regimens. The research will find out the interaction of cannabinoids with immune cell populations and cancers, so that there is optimized solution for the disease.

Dr. Allen A. Herman, the Cannabis Science Inc’s Chief Medical Officer said that the findings of research done by the two shall be submitted to the peer-reviewed journals. The publications shall also be available for the public.