Without their knowing the tracking and compliance of a bag of cash, accepting that cash has become more challenging. Alliance has a thorough compliance tracking system that allows eXPO to convert the cash to a digital format and eCheck the funds to the tax agency and utilities.”

Lipman adds

 “the historical tracking of the cash to ensure compliance is very important and we ensure the funds are compliant and electronic to allow for meeting the Cole Memorandum.”

Here’s a little More Information….


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Alliance Financial Network, Inc., a financial technology company, provides a digital transaction and mobile payment solution. The company develops, owns, and operates eXPO, an electronic exchange portal. Its eXPO provides access for consumers and businesses to transfer funds electronically whether consumer-to-consumer, consumer-to-business, business-to-consumer, or business-to-business; and delivers electronic payment solutions to multiple industries. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Englewood, Colorado.

Colorado based Alliance Financial Network has spent the past three and a half years working on a range of banking & financial solutions required by the regulated cannabis sector in the USA to manage the raft of issues concerning State vs Federal, the Cole Memorandum and the lack of any progress in the Congress on a nationally regulated market for the cannabis sector.

Alliance Financial Network’s eXPO™ financial system for highly regulated and bank challenged industries tackled the issues of the cannabis sector head on creating a series of solutions, all under one umbrella to help the swathe of businesses and organizations now working in the industry. These solutions assist businesses in working more efficiently with their customers, local & state governments, tax authorities as well as their peers and suppliers.

Larry Highlights

i) The Issues
ii) Main Features Of The  Service

In 2014, Cannabis 1.0 was installed in Colorado for tracking seed to sale. There were few financial institutions participating so compliance was completely dependent on tracking and honor system from the initial seed/clone to the sale.

Today, all states follow this same program with a variety of vendors. The challenges with Cannabis 1.0 are

• Tax leak
• Inability to compare the product sold to actual money received
• Cole memorandum and compliance with FinCEN guidelines impossible to track orconsistency in financial statement, one of the red SARs reporting systems


In August 2017, Alliance Financial Network, a FinCEN registered financial institution, announced the development of their unique network for highly regulated industries, including the cannabisindustry.

Cannabis 2.0 introduced Cannabis Business Operating System.

The Cannabis Business Operating System is a complete end – to – end business software solution for the cannabis industry.

Designed as a unique seed to banking system, the operating system ensures compliancy,accounting and electronic bill pay, insurance, legacy cash banking, commercial insurance and of course, merchant services.

Alliance Financial Network is a national private financial institution registered with FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Network of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Alliance Financial Network is committed to working with bank challenged consumers and businesses through its electronic eXchange POrtal, eXPO™.

We have committed eXPO™ to work with legal cannabis, on a national basis in compliance with guidance set out by state(s) and federal government.

As a mobile and internet based Application, Alliance Financial Network is both a consumer and business membership facing portal for member partners. For the cannabis industry, AFN’s wholly owned software:

Manages cannabis business at every level from business inception to CPA throughout the entire economy of the industry; patient/consumer to retail, business to business, business to government and outside of the membership, to electronically pay bills to non-members.

Alliance Financial Network is mandated to file SARs reports to record suspicious activities just like all registered financial institutions

Electronically manage eXPO™ credit Consumer member to consumer member. Consumer member to business member.Business member to business member. And all members to electronically pay bills within and outside the membership network.

Track and trace sub inventory and inventory from seed to batch and batch to sale and onto the general ledger.

A complete 360-degree compliance system.

Track and trace plants and inventory that are written off.

Record and collect sales taxes for payment with summary and larger back up report.

Provide governments with a total operating system

To cross check between inventory, sales and revenue.

Fee Collection.

Allow investors, leasing companies, attorneys, CPAs and insurance companies among others to collect their fees without interruption.

We are seeking law firms and attorneys countrywide who are able to open a dialog with a state or municipality to begin the conversion to cannabis 2.0 as well as having clients in the cannabis space that need the following services.


1. Banking

2. Merchant processing

3. Treasury management

4. ACH

5. Wire

6. eCheck

7. Legacy cash depositing

8. Lending

9. Insurance
We very much look forward to talking to your firm about the opportunities for introducing theeXPO™ cannabis sector financial and banking solutions(s) for your state and clients


Larry Lipman CEO
Alliance Financial Network, Inc
303 882 3570

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Legal Sector – Introductions / Knowledge

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