Press Release: Numinus Launches new Clinic Licensing Platform, the Numinus Network, to Accelerate Expansion

  • Licensing model enables Numinus to scale with limited capital investment and overhead
  • Provides practitioners with an alternate model, allowing them to retain ownership of their practice and performance while leveraging Numinus patient protocols
  • New partnership with Healing Commercial Real Estate Inc. provides Numinus Network licensees with turn-key locations

VANCOUVER, BC, April 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Numinus Wellness Inc. (“Numinus” or the “Company”) (TSX: NUMI) (OTCQX: NUMIF), a mental health care company advancing innovative treatments and safe, evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapies, today announced that it has launched a new clinic licensing model, named the Numinus Network, offering independent practitioners the opportunity to own and operate their own clinic under the trusted Numinus Wellness brand through a licensing and services arrangement. As a leader in the mental health care space, Numinus has earned a reputation for delivering a high-quality model of care to its clients. With the launch of this new licensing model, Numinus seeks to expand access and bring its expertise to new regions across North America with reduced capital investment.

“We believe that we are on the verge of a significant shift in mental health care as psychedelic-assisted therapy is becoming more accessible, and Numinus wants to take a leading role in providing this important clinical care. The Numinus Network will allow us to work with practitioners who believe in the Numinus brand and protocols, but prefer greater independence in leading their team and practice,” said Payton Nyquvest, Founder and CEO. “Through our Numinus Network partnership, we can work together to advocate for and support people in more communities who are suffering and would like to try a new approach to treatment.”

As a Numinus Network partner, practitioners will be able to benefit from a proven clinic model, comprehensive training curriculum, access to Numinus treatment protocols, ongoing operational and marketing support, and a trusted brand. They will also have access to Numinus’ extensive network of highly experienced health care professionals.

In addition, Numinus is pleased to facilitate a turn-key clinic solution to licensees, through a new partnership with Healing Commercial Real Estate Inc. (“Healing CREI”) – a health care focused real estate investment company with deep market knowledge of the psychedelic sector. Through this agreement, Numinus Network licensees will have the option of leasing a fully functioning Numinus Wellness clinic location – including leasehold improvements and clinic infrastructure, directly from Healing CREI.

“We’re excited to partner with Numinus as they launch this new growth initiative, and look forward to supporting further clinic expansion,” said Cody Shandraw, Founder and President of Healing CREI. “This partnership presents an opportunity for Numinus to further solidify its position as one of the industry leaders prepared to meet the growing demand for psychedelic-assisted therapy services. Leveraging market data, we can help build clinic infrastructure using a targeted planning process to determine key regions where the psychedelic, behavioral health, and wellness industry is currently lacking or underserved. Through this process, we are uniquely positioned to help new Numinus Network licensees find and establish the best possible locations for their new businesses.”

Clinic investment costs and licensing fees will vary depending on the particular licensing arrangement, location, regional exclusivity terms and other business factors. Numinus is currently in discussion with several prospective clinic owners.

Numinus will continue to evaluate corporately-owned clinic growth opportunities alongside the Numinus Network launch. Practitioners who are interested in working with Numinus at one of Company’s 12 corporately-owned clinics are invited to reach out to Numinus’ People and Culture team at:

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