Press Release: The Color of Cannabis to Kick Off Black History Month with Social Equity Lobby Day and Rally Support around HB 23-1020


Entrepreneurs of Color Rally for Equal Access to Colorado Cannabis Market

DENVER, CO (January 27, 2023) – The Color of Cannabis (TCC) the largest marijuana Social Equity organization in Colorado, is behind a bill to level the playing field in the industry for newly minted licensees of color. House Bill 23-1020, “Social Equity Licensees in Regulated Marijuana,” seeks to strengthen the cannabis Social Equity program implemented by the Colorado legislature in 2020. The bill also includes a provision to allow Social Equity Delivery companies to operate independently from the dispensaries. “Unfortunately, less than 12% of Social Equity businesses are operational,” says TCC founder Sarah Woodson. “Because delivery when first conceived four years ago, was not meant to be a successful model – too much of the established industry is invested in a brick and mortar model so they won’t partner with delivery companies.”


Why won’t retail stores and medical centers partner with third-party Social Equity transporters?  The answer from most stores and centers is that the model creates a financial burden on businesses and is not profitable. Social Equity transporters believe that retail stores and medical centers do not want to partner with them because they are Social Equity business owners. “The reality is there is truth to both views,” says Woodson. “The current laws create an undue burden on both parties. Our bill will create fair competitive model that is inline with modern economics while strengthening and promoting equity in Colorado’s cannabis industry.”

“This is our second annual Social Equity Lobby Day and I am so excited!” says Woodson. “People are starting to understand that we have to always be educating and advocating for our livelihoods and businesses. And being able to do this during Black History month just emphasizes the importance of economic justice and representation not only in Cannabis but the business community in general.”

Shanda LeCompte with Canna Couriers sees this bill as turning point for her start up. “This lobby day and this bill is helping with the emotional damage inequity in cannabis has caused. It’s not easy to have to do an interview with the news and explain how your business is failing.  Never being able to operate no matter how hard you have worked. The feeling of rejection,” she explains. “This change will give us chance to succeed.”

HB 1020 enjoys strong support from a broad coalition ranging from established legacy marijuana businesses, new social equity licensees and even the NAACP. The bill is scheduled to be heard in the House Business and Labor committee on February 15.

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