Press Release: The Trip Report by Beckley Waves Launches The Trip Report Podcast

LONDON, Aug. 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Trip Report by Beckley Waves, a leading publication on the business, science, policy and cultural impact of the nascent psychedelic field, is announcing the launch of The Trip Report Podcast, with episodes featuring interviews with scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and stakeholders at the forefront of the psychedelic renaissance.

Interest in psychedelic science, business, and policy is accelerating significantly. Academic institutions are launching psychedelic science centers, investment into psychedelic businesses has surpassed $2 billion, many states and cities are moving to reform outdated and unethical drug laws, and clinical trials are progressing towards FDA approval.

The Trip Report newsletter and new podcast aim to foster an educated and informed psychedelic ecosystem, and newsletter readership has grown 100% in the past year. Author and founder of The Trip Report, Zach Haigney, has been the editor of the newsletter since 2019. Guests for season one of The Trip Report podcast include:

The Trip Report Podcast and newsletter are a production of Beckley Waves, a venture studio co-founded by psychedelic science and policy pioneer Amanda Feilding. The mission of Beckley Waves is to support the infrastructure for safe, legal and accessible psychedelic experiences for therapeutic purposes and the betterment of the well.

“The Trip Report Podcast is an opportunity to learn firsthand from the pioneers and builders of the psychedelic renaissance, who are working to expand safe access, and to increase our knowledge about the potential benefits of these remarkable compounds,” said Amanda Fielding, co-founder of Beckley Waves. “We’re learning more about the science of psychedelics all the time, and this podcast delves deep into the scientific, spiritual and entrepreneurial thoughts of leaders who are bringing this revolution to the broader world.”

Psychedelic-assisted therapies enable deeper exploration of one’s mind and are increasingly shown to improve mental health conditions like depression, PTSD and addiction. Psychedelic experiences are regularly touted as some of the most meaningful experiences of people’s lives. The Trip Report by Beckley Waves, following in the footsteps of Amanda Feilding, stems from her pioneering research and instrumental contributions through the Beckley Foundation, which has also been on the forefront of reshaping global drug policy.

“We’re very excited to launch The Trip Report Podcast as a supporting role in the overall mission of Beckley Waves,” said Zach Haigney, host of The Trip Report. “By sharing the stories and insights of the leaders and visionaries at the front lines of the emerging psychedelic space, we can reach new audiences with our vision of how these remarkable compounds can change individuals and societies for the better.”

About The Trip Report
The Trip Report by Beckley Waves provides commentary and analysis for stakeholders in the psychedelic field of emerging psychedelic science, medicine, and policy landscape.

About Beckley Waves
Beckley Waves funds, supports, and mentors the emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, and partnerships working to create the operational infrastructure of a global psychedelic ecosystem. As advances in scientific research, drug development, and medical treatments generate new demand for psychedelic products, therapies, and education, the need to create safe, lawful, and professionally administered psychedelic experiences is growing exponentially. Beckley Waves not only identifies and funds mission-aligned companies, but connects emerging talent with the investors, advisors, and partners they need to break through and succeed in a rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace.

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