Press Release: West Virginia Taps Metrc to Launch Track-and-Trace

LAKELAND, FL – October 21, 2020 – Today, Metrc, the most trusted and experienced provider of cannabis regulatory technology in the United States, announced it will be implementing its track-and-trace system with the West Virginia Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC). The partnership with West Virginia – the thirtieth state to legalize cannabis for medical use – will support a robust track-and-trace program of cannabis products for the state’s upcoming market. The agency anticipates patient sales will begin in Spring 2021.
“We’re honored West Virginia selected Metrc to implement the state’s first cannabis tracking system,” said Jeff Wells, CEO, Metrc. “As more states across the country move to legalize cannabis for patients, it’s encouraging to see The Mountain State support a balanced, regulatory approach. We look forward to working side-by-side with the state on this historic launch.”
A main focus for the state’s new track-and-trace program will be helping regulators ensure no illicit cannabis products are sold in the newly legal market, and also that no legal cannabis products are sold unlawfully. Because Metrc’s system tracks every legal product back to the cannabis plant, regulators can easily identify if an illicit product is introduced into the supply chain. Similarly, the disposal process for any legal product is documented in Metrc’s system, allowing regulators to see if product is being improperly removed for unlawful sales.
“This is an important step to make certain medical cannabis is available only to West Virginians with serious medical conditions and to prevent diversion of products in West Virginia,” said Jason Frame, Director, OMC. “While the COVID-19 pandemic has put many industries across the country on hold, we’re proud to say that it has not stopped West Virginia from meeting its deadlines and laying the groundwork for a safe, regulated medical cannabis market.”
Amidst a global health crisis, Metrc has already partnered with three states – Maine, Oklahoma, and now West Virginia – to support the launch of new cannabis markets this year. Following this new partnership with West Virginia and its NIC subsidiary, Metrc now holds exclusive contracts with state regulators in 15 states and the District of Columbia, serving more than 15,000 business licenses and over 500,000 patients.
About Metrc
Metrc is the most trusted and experienced provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the United States. Our software, radio-frequency identification technology, and support teams track cannabis products from seed to sale, ensuring a closed, legal ecosystem. Metrc’s system ensures a secure supply chain, transparency, and a safe marketplace for everyone. We proudly support 15 states, the District of Columbia, and over 15,000 business licenses. For more information, visit

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