Nearly two year after New York’s medical marijuana law (the Compassionate Care Act (A06357E)) was enacted, and two months after implementation of the law began, New York residents suffering from illnesses that are eligible for medical marijuana use are still unable to get the access they need. In an opinion piece, “New York needs to adjust medical marijuana program,”  published earlier today in the Poughkeepsie Journal, the author described the State as seemingly “clueless” as to how to get the program running smoothly.

Noting that only 428 physicians have been registered and1,301 patients certified through February, the article highlights physicians’ concerns about the potential legal consequences of prescribing the drug, which remains illegal under Federal Law.

Issues relating to problems with the New York law have also been covered in a number of articles written by David Robinson for the Journal News, which like the Poughkeepsie Journal, is part of the USA Today News Network. In one recent story on, Robinson described the problem as including “[q]uestions about conflicts, inaccurate statements and botched dispensary openings….”

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