Profile: How Australia’s Ecofibre Listed On The ASX

The Herald reports…….Barry Lambert’s cannabis company Ecofibre is launched on the Australian Stock Exchange on a bright autumn day in Sydney. This is the first ASX listing I’ve attended, so I’m not sure how typical it is. But at about the point I find myself listening to Lambert’s son Michael talk about his sperm, it strikes me that this might not be a totally conventional event. Lambert’s wife Joy appears, looking exasperated. “Oh, Michael, stop blaming yourself,” she says to her son. “It’s nobody’s fault.”

Looking around, I note several tall, extremely confident-looking men in suits, whom I presume to be the kinds of titans of industry who regularly attend ASX listings. But there is also a surprising number of children, ranging from a little girl with enormous brown eyes, to various teenagers with long sweeps of glossy hair. Are children normal at such events? What about all these Americans? Scientists, pharmacists, executives. The brown-eyed child rings the ASX bell; someone smashes a glass; Michael Lambert buttonholes a group of polite people from Philadelphia. Their eyes widen as he speaks.

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