The Crains report can be read here

In a prior report they detail the ordinances proposed

The proposed Detroit zoning ordinance, created by Detroit City Councilman James Tate earlier this year, has specific dispensary requirements and regulations that would:

  • Dictate that a dispensary be 1,000 feet from any zoning lot occupied by a park, play lot, playfield, playground, recreation center or youth activity center.
  • Be defined as a medical marijuana caregiver center.
  • Require a dispensary be 2,000 feet from another dispensary or 2,000 feet from a controlled use space such as an arcade, pool hall or party store.
  • Require a dispensary be 1,000 feet from a religious institution identified as exempt by the city assessor.

Additionally, under the ordinance, background checks for the applicant and all proposed employees of a dispensary would be conducted upon application for a required business license.