Psychedelica Lex Now Available: First Comprehensive Book to Examine Laws Governing Psychedelic Substances

Veteran cannabis attorney dives into emerging facet of law amid deep historical context, educating legal practitioners, enthusiasts, policymakers, physicians, other stakeholders

On the verge of a pop culture tipping point, Psychedelica Lex now serves as the preeminent legal manual for individuals and organizations with a vested or growing interest in psychedelics and entheogens.

“I’ve seen plenty of texts by medical doctors, psychologists, anthropologists and enthusiasts exploring the use of psychedelics. And there are shelves of books about criminal defense”

Authored by Gary Smith, a veteran cannabis attorney and general counsel to the nation’s oldest non-Native American peyote church, Psychedelica Lex offers an unprecedented examination of the legal aspects of psychedelics while providing notable context of history, archaeology, anthropology, biology, religion and spirituality. Chapters span:

  • International drug laws and treaties
  • Controlled Substances Act
  • Pure Food and Drug Act
  • Food Drug and Cosmetics Act
  • Federal Analogue Act
  • Preemption doctrine
  • IRS Code 280E
  • First Amendment
  • Bankruptcy
  • Clinical trials
  • Lobbying and public initiatives
  • Future outlook

“While psychedelics have been widely used throughout human history, they’ve been admonished in recent decades as part of international stands against drugs,” Smith says. “As cannabis goes mainstream, more people are taking a fresh look at psychedelics, reevaluating their medical, psychological and spiritual uses. The public dialogue is clearly shifting.”

At the forefront of cannabis law in Arizona, Smith leads the cannabis and hemp practice at Guidant Law in Phoenix. He is regularly called upon by legal organizations, professional associations and the media to share his expertise on ethics, agreements, litigation and other key issues spurred by cannabis legislation and research. Incorporating learnings from his cannabis practice, Smith is establishing himself as a legal authority in psychedelics.

“I’ve seen plenty of texts by medical doctors, psychologists, anthropologists and enthusiasts exploring the use of psychedelics. And there are shelves of books about criminal defense,” he says. “However, I found nothing that anticipated taking these substances out of prohibition and through legal limbo. This gap in public knowledge fueled my desire to write Psychedelica Lex.”

Written for both legal and non-legal practitioners, Psychedelica Lex is filled with valuable, timely information for enthusiasts, lobbyists, policymakers, lawmakers, advocacy groups, physicians, religious leaders and business professionals.

The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.

About Gary Smith, Esq.

Gary Smith is an attorney, arbitrator and founding member of Guidant Law Firm, leading the cannabis/hemp practice. He is also a founding director and current president of the Arizona Cannabis Bar Association and board member of the Arizona Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. He served as amici counsel on the Arizona Supreme Court case that restored legal status of cannabis extracts and concentrates. Additionally, he serves as general counsel to the Peyote Way Church of God, a non-sectarian, multicultural, experiential, Peyotist organization located in southeastern Arizona.

Smith is rated AV Preeminent by Martindale Hubbell and licensed to practice law in Arizona, Colorado, New York and North Carolina, as well as various federal jurisdictions.

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