Psychedelics Ballot Initiatives 2020….. Both Oregon & DC Pass

Psilocybin Alpha are reporting that both  Washington DC & Oregon have voted for decriminalization.


They write…

Psychedelics will be effectively decriminalised for approximately 7 million Americans. Read our review here.

DC has decriminalised psychedelics as Initiative 81 passes with significant majority. Full story here.

Many sources have Called It: Measure 109 will pass, legalizing psilocybin therapy in Oregon.

Live Results

Note: results are no longer live, as both Measure 109 and Initiative 81 have succeeded. The below data will continue to be updated periodically until final vote counts are provided.

Measure 109 (Oregon)

Psilocybin Mushroom Services Program Initiative

Yes: 1,040,877 (55.92%)
No:  820,419 (44.08%)

Initiative 81 (DC)

Entheogenic Plants and Fungus Measure

Yes: 89,714 (76.59%)
No: 27,429 (23.41%)

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