PsyIndex Weekly Update – April 19, 2021 – April 23, 2021

PsyIndex Weekly Update

April 19, 2021 – April 23, 2021
The PsyIndex rose more than 11% last week as most index components moved higher. The biggest industry news for the week was Mass General’s announcement that it was opening a new center to study psychedelics—a move showing just how mainstream psychedelics are becoming in medicine.

Market Performance

Weekly Performance: $129.12 (11.32%)

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Corporate News, Deals & Listings

  • Tryp Therapeutics (CSE: TRYP) reported key milestones for 2021, including its ongoing clinical development programs. Press Release
  • PharmaTher (CSE: PHRM) announced the submission of an IND application with the FDA for a Phase II clinical trial evaluating ketamine for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Press Release
  • Cybin (NEO: CYBN) demonstrated a proof of concept for its deuterated tryptamine for the treatment of depression and addiction. Press Release
  • Red Light Holland (CSE: TRIP) increased point of sale iMicrodose Packs in the Netherlands by more than 140%. Press Release
  • Silo Wellness (CSE: SILO) announced five new psychedelic wellness retreats in Jamaica. Press Release
  • Revive Therapeutics (CSE: RVV) announced successful results for its oral thin film psilocybin and filed U.S. provisional patent applications. Press Release
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Featured Content

Microdosing: The Next Revolution in Psychedelics

The psychedelics industry has experienced a renaissance over the past few years as researchers have opened a pandora’s box of potential. From major depression to generalized anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder, emerging research suggests that psychedelic substances could have a significant beneficial impact on hard-to-treat mental health disorders.

As states liberalize their psychedelics regulations, microdosing has become a popular trend that could offer a variety of mental health benefits. Research on microdosing remains in its infancy, but the combination of placebo-controlled studies and effective delivery systems could translate to a larger-scale trend over the coming years.

We take a closer look at microdosing and how new technologies are making it easier to achieve a consistent result.

Industry Developments

  • Massachusetts General Hospital launched a new center to study the neuroscience of psychedelics. via The Harvard Crimson
  • This billionaire took psychedelics, got Bitcoin and is now into SPACs. via Bloomberg Wealth
  • Psychedelics are quickly transforming the way that we understand depression and its treatments. via The Guardian
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