The PsyIndex rose more than 14% last week, adding to its gains since the beginning of the month. In addition to several new companies debuting this month, the Horizons Psychedelic Stock Index ETF (NEO: PSYK) has drawn over $50 million in net assets since inception on January 26, 2021.

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Corporate News, Deals & Listings

  • Bright Minds Biosciences Inc. announced that it would begin trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) on Monday, February 8, 2021 under the ticker symbol “DRUG”. Press Release
  • Numinus Wellness Inc. (TSX-V: NUMI) completed the acquisition of Montreal-based Mindspace Wellbeing. Press Release
  • Tryp Therapeutics Ltd. (CSE: TRYP) announced plans for a Phase IIA clinical trial on eating disorders with Dr. Jennifer Miller. Press Release
  • Field Trip Health Ltd. (CSE: FTRP) announced the official opening of a psychedelic research and cultivation facility in Jamaica. Press Release
  • COMPASS Pathways (NASDAQ: CMPS) announced an expansion of its Discovery Center through collaboration with world-leading scientists. Press Release
  • Pharmadrug Inc. (CSE: BUZZ) filed an FDA Orphan Drug Designation for DMT in stroke. Press Release
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Featured Content

Delic’s First Acquisition in Bid to Become Psychedelic Clinic Leader

Delic Holdings Inc. (CSE: DELC) (OTCQB: DELCF) in part, focusing on rolling up ketamine clinics across the country as a way to generate immediate cash flow in the psychedelics space with an existing FDA approved drug rather than going through expensive and time-consuming clinical trials. As additional psychedelic compounds are approved, these legal and established clinics could quickly expand their focus to serve client needs including PTSD, depression, anxiety and even bi-polar disorder.

Calling All Derivatives; The Psychedelic Space Needs You

Classic psychedelics, coupled with therapy have shown the potential to treat a vast range of indications. However, these molecules in their original form may not be the best option for every disease. For instance, treatment sessions can take up to 8 hours, adverse side effects (aka “bad trips”) are possible and the treatment can only be administered in a clinic. Simply put, what if there was a way to improve on classic psychedelics?  In a recent study in Nature,  a non-hallucinogenic derivative of ibogaine was shown to have therapeutic potential.

Weekly Performance: $175.03 (14.70%)