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Regulations tailored specifically by and for the island include hiring a minimum of two security guards, not allowing the smoking of cannabis by patients, as well as implementing a system to track purchases made by individuals to help prevent “dispensary-hopping,” Slaugh said.

The 14 qualifying ailments include conditions such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Hepatitis C and anxiety (including PTSD), according to Maldonado.

Business operators may also benefit from the territory’s tax structure in not having to manage provisions such as 280E, Slaugh said.

In terms of the regulations: A dispensary can provide up to a 30-day supply at one point in time, and minors have to receive two doctors’ recommendations and parental approval to receive a patient license.

Doctors have to undergo six-hour courses, Maldonado said, adding that the department received more than 50 applications after the first two training sessions.

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