Puerto Rico: Pro Bono Created to Address Medical Cannabis Needs

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“There are people who have no voice in relation to these issues. There is no one who groups patients, who represents medical cannabis patients. The industry exists because of people who have medical conditions that can benefit from cannabis treatment,” said pro bono mentor professor José Antonio Maes Aponte.

The idea of founding the pro bono arose after the students Perla del Mar Rodríguez Fernández, Gabriel Viera Rodríguez and Kuyaguaribo López Correa talked about an introductory course on cannabis regulation offered by Professor Maes Aponte. In search of continuing to enrich the knowledge and put it into practice, the students of the Rio de Janeiro campus decided to establish the pro bono to address the issue of the medical cannabis industry from public policy.

“The order of the pro bono name has a purpose. Many times we focus on what the letter of the law says. But how is it implemented or what are the consequences? Keeping this in mind in the public policy process is important. […] At the end of the day, it’s how the law is implemented,” said Rodríguez Fernández. Mr. Maes Aponte commented that they want to be able to insert themselves, from the university with an academic point of view, in the analysis of legislation. “In addition, to highlight the importance of Puerto Rico being in tune with what is happening in the rest of the United States and the world,” he added.

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