If you are a weed consumer and looking for a vaporizer then this article will help to choose the best vaporizer. When you visit the market or shop online, you see lots of products and it becomes so difficult for you to choose the best one out of all. This article gives you detailed information about the PUFFCO PEAK vaporizer as it is considered a well-known vaporizer.

PUFFCO PEAK vaporizer has lots of unique specifications and is manufactured by PUFFCO PEAK. It is made with advanced technology after the success of PUFFCO PEAK devices.

You can get this from online PUFFCO shops. Though it uses advanced technology, still it is user friendly—anyone can use it without facing the difficulty. Its features include wireless charging, customized LED lights, and real time temperature control. PUFFCO PEAK PRO vaporizes concentrates only. It is not a dry herb vaporizer.

Features of PUFFCO PEAK vaporizer

If you look at the design of PUFFCO PEAK Pro vaporizer, at first glance you would see that it is basically made up of three components: the base, the conical shaped bubbler, and the bowl.


It is taller in length than the original model. It measures 7 inches tall and 3-inch width. It is slightly improved from PUFFCO PEAK in terms of advanced design and efficiency. Instead of stainless steel, the chamber is in a matte grey finish. It has curved edges which makes it easy to carry and use.

Water bubbler

The glass of the vaporizer is in conical shaped like structure which is capable of holding more water than its predecessors. It is served as a water filtration system and offers more volume capacity and filters the vapors and makes it clean and pure.

The bowl

The bowl of the vaporizer is located at the front and is made of flavorful vapor. The chamber jacket is larger in size which prevents accidental heat.

Carb cap

The oculus carb cap is locked in the chamber is keeps the carb and oil in place. The air path of the oculus carb cap is improved which allows maximum vapor production.

Battery timings

PUFFCO PEAK pro fully charges in two hours. 20-30 dabbing sessions can take with one-time charge. It is actually charge with USB-C because of that it charges within two hours. It also offers a wireless charging option which is done by using POWER DOCK, a person has to buy it separately.

Temperature settings

It has preset temperatures which are: 490 degree F (LOW), 510 degree F (MEDIUM), 545 degree F (PEAK MODE).


Real time temperature control

PUFFCO PEAK PRO has a heating chamber that is responsible for maintaining the exact temperature. It does not depend on how hard you would inhale.


It has a single button, which you can use for ON and OFF. It is just one button control device. All you need is to select the temperature and fire it up.

Application for smartphone

The PUFFCO PEAK PRO offers an application for your smartphone. A person can easily control the functions through this application. There are number of settings of this device that can easily be customized through this application. This application basically displays useful information like active heat setting, bowl’s temperature, battery charging, and daily dab consumption.

Heat setting

A person can easily customize the heat settings from 420 degrees F to 620 degrees F. the heating process can easily adjustable and the duration can easily be changed from 15 seconds to 2 minutes.

LED lights

LED lights can easily adjustable from the LED light profile. This profile provides four different modes: disco, stealth, wave, and pulse.

Tips and tricks for PUFFCO PEAK pro

Cleaning tip

It is always important to keep your device clean as it enhances and maintains its ability. Only a few things are required to clean it: alcohol and a cup of water for soaking.

To clean the device, first, remove all the pieces of your peak and holds the atomizer, and removes the base by rotating in a clockwise direction. The atomizer will separate into four pieces. To clean the ceramic bowl, first, remove the rubber seal. The ceramic bowl and plate is very fragile therefore it is advised to carefully clean it.

Water bubbler

To clean the bubbler, fill it a little less than a half with alcohol. Cover the opening with a finger and shake it. You can fill the bubbler with alcohol for overnight cleansing, overnight cleansing will allow the oils to come out. Once you are fine with cleansing, rinse it off with fresh water.

Once you are satisfied with cleansing, put the pieces back together.

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