Pushing It A Bit ! 79-year-old woman argues 55 marijuana plants are for personal use

ANN ARBOR, MI – Judith Pontius is now arguing that she needs her 55 marijuana plants for personal use.

If Pontius keeps her dozens of plants just for herself, her lawyer Barton Morris argued in Washtenaw County Trial Court on Wednesday, July 14, she is in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

“She can have any number that is reasonably necessary to ensure…she uses her medicine in an edible fashion,” Morris said.

The attempted shift from caregiver status to personal use status is just “gamesmanship,” said Ypsilanti Township attorney Dennis McClain.

Judge Carol Kuhnke ultimately adjourned the case on Wednesday, saying the court will hold yet another hearing to determine if this shift to personal use is allowable.

“If she represents that the 55 plants are for her personal use, and that she resides in the property, that would defeat the township’s request that I hold her in contempt of court,” Kuhnke said. “She’s entitled to an evidentiary hearing.”

McClain, despite his objections to Morris’ arguments, agreed with Kuhnke to hold an evidentiary hearing that would explore if Pontius is eligible for 55 plants for personal use.

The date of the next hearing will be announced later this week, Kuhnke said in agreement with Morris and McClain.

Pontius, 79, of Ypsilanti Township, acted as a medical marijuana caregiver for five patients in the past, but was ordered on June 11 by the court to dispose of all but 12 plants within 10 days.

Source:  https://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/2021/07/79-year-old-woman-argues-55-marijuana-plants-are-for-personal-use.html

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