Recent Podcast Episodes

The Hoban Minute – 51 Mackrell Solicitors’ Ricardo Geada | Client COVID Concerns

Bob and Eric sit down with Senior Associate at Mackrell Solicitors, Ricardo Geada to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the UK’s CBD industry, a recently commissioned study by Mackrell Solicitors on the perception of cannabis in England, and cannabis investment across the ponds.

The Hoban Minute – 52 Lady Jane Branding’s Jennifer Whetzel | Cannabis Consumer Archetypes and the Role of Women in the Cannabis Space

Bob and Eric sit down with the founder of Lady Jane Branding, Jennifer Whetzel to discuss the 16 cannabis archetypes she’s identified through market research, how to remove barriers for women and minorities in the cannabis industry, and the insights from her recent Women in Cannabis study.

The Hoban Minute – 53 Canalis Capital’s Raymond Harari | Tropicalizing Cannabis: Why It Isn’t Necessary to Reinvent the Wheel

Bob and Eric sit down with the founder of Canalis Capital, Raymond Harari to discuss the tropicalization of ideas in Panama, how the country has responded to COVID-19, overcoming the cannabis stigma in Latin America, and the difference between red ocean versus blue ocean markets.

The Hoban Minute – 54 | Bob Hoban & Eric Singular | Industry Discussion

Bob and Eric discuss the European Industrial Hemp Association’s (EIHA) challenge of the EU’s food safety approval process for hemp foods and extracts, licensing restrictions in the marijuana industry, and lawsuits in the hemp industry with respect to genetics.

The Hoban Minute – 55 | Cultivara’s Jonathan Danforth | SPACs

Ceci and Eric sit down with the CEO of Cultivara Acquisition Group, Jonathan Danforth to discuss the role of Special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) in the cannabis space, the obstacles industrial hemp is facing on the road to legitimization, and the growing interest from Fortune 500s toward the sustainable byproducts of the plant, from genomics to bio-plastics and textiles.

The Hoban Minute – 56 | Attorney Lilly Lentz | Are We On the Verge of Federal Cannabis Legalization?

Bob and Eric sit down with Feldmann Nagel and Cantafio attorney, Lilly Lentz to discuss whether a candidate in the 2020 election may steal a move from FDR’s playbook by pushing federal legalization of cannabis similar to the repealing of alcohol prohibition during the great depression, and the constitutionality of recent stay at home orders across the U.S.

The Hoban Minute – 57 | Ross Rebagliati and Tony Germinario | The Old School Versus the New School Cannabis Industry

Bob and Eric sit down with filmmaker and Olympic gold medalist Ross Rebagliati and Tony Germinario to discuss “Chairlift,” an upcoming comedy film they’re producing imbued with marijuana-culture, how cannabis culture has evolved since the days of medical-only marijuana here in Colorado, and Ross’ experience winning Gold in 1998 and finding himself on the world stage embroiled in a global dialogue about cannabis.

The Hoban Minute – 58 | Ceci Zak and Eric Singular | Cannabis COVID Research

Ceci and Eric discuss a recent New York Post article on COVID-related cannabis research, the work that’s being done on this front in Israel and Canada, and why this signifies a step toward cannabis industry legitimization.