Redondo Beach Dispensary “Operating Unlawfully” Raided Thursday

A Redondo Beach store-front marijuana dispensary operating openly, but apparently unlawfully, was raided early Thursday by a dozen or more local and state law enforcement officers.

No arrests were made, Sgt. Mark Valdiva said, although three people were seen by witnesses handcuffed and sitting outside the establishment.

The raid was the result of a complaint by Redondo Beach city officials to the state Bureau of Cannabis Control about what was described as “an unlicensed commercial cannabis retailer operating” at 1300 Aviation Blvd. Redondo Beach police officers were joined in the raid by agents from Cannabis Control and the state Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

Store-front marijuana dispensaries are not permitted in Redondo Beach, and neighbors for months have been encouraging enforcement to deal with what has been described as “crowds” entering and exiting the building at late hours.

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