REGENERATIVE CANNABIS LIVE Fall Event Slated For October 27 At United Nations Delegates Dining Room

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Regennabis unites Global Cannabis and Hemp government, nonprofit, and corporate leaders 

Regennabis, a leading provider of ESG advisory services to the regulated global Cannabis & Hemp Industry, has announced that its second in-person Regenerative Cannabis Live Event will be held on October 27 in New York City at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room.

Regenerative Cannabis Live will unite global government, nonprofit and corporate leaders in the global Cannabis (‘Medical, Health & Wellness’ and ‘Adult-Use & Recreational’) & Hemp Industry. It will explore how they can deliver significant economic, social and environmental impacts and drive the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“It was truly an honor to give a keynote speech at the historic Regenerative Cannabis Live event at the United Nations. It is incredible to reflect on how far we’ve come as an industry and so inspiring to see so many passionate leaders ready to carry the momentum forward. Onward!”

Kim Rivers — Founder, Chairman and CEO, Trulieve

Regennabis’ inaugural in-person Regenerative Cannabis Live event was held on May 5, also at the United Nations Delegates Dining Room, drawing a capacity crowd, global journalists, and more than 1,000 virtual attendees.

The event featured 36 industry, government, and nonprofit leaders participating in six panels and 14 keynote addresses, offering in-depth perspectives on the industry’s most pressing issues. ESG business frameworks, restorative justice, energy use/efficiencies and the future of medicine in cannabis and hemp were among the topics covered.


Seating for the October 27 event will be exclusively reserved for Regennabis Member companies, nonprofits, individuals, and partners. Regennabis builds cross-industry networks helping companies become the leading sustainable brands of the future with a vision to deliver “Regenerative Growth For All.”

“The incredible response and attendance for Regenerative Cannabis Live – and the value it provides to Regennabis members – is both humbling and exciting,” said Patrick McCartan, CEO, Regennabis. “We are already in deep discussions with global elected officials, corporate CEOs, and nonprofit leaders to deliver another historic event at the UN in October.”

Among the notable participants at the May 5 event:


  • Kim Rivers, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Trulieve
  • Bridget Hennessey, VP Public Affairs, Weedmaps
  • Chris Hagedorn, President, Hawthorne Gardening Company
  • Jamie Pearson, CEO, Bhang Inc. 
  • Larry Ketchersid, CEO, Media Sourcery


  • HD Kayra Harding, Vice President of Panama’s National Assembly
  • Dr. Miriam Dalli, Malta’s Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise
  • Ras Adiba Mohd Radzi, Senator from Malaysia
  • Ing. Moises Santiago Bertoni, Paraguay’s Minister of Agriculture and Livestock


  • Patricia Villela Marino, President, Humanitas360
  • Dr. Marcelo Demp, Vice President of the Latin American Industrial Hemp Association
  • Amber Littlejohn, Executive Director, Minority Cannabis Business Association
  • Toi Hutchinson, President and CEO, Marijuana Policy Project
  • Dr Sandra Carillo, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Panama University

“Our organization’s mission is to democratize opportunities in cannabis and hemp while driving the innovation, products and services that will drive equitable growth and sustainable development,” said Geoff Trotter, Chief Growth Officer, Regennabis. “Regenerative Cannabis Live is really the flagship event of everything that Regennabis offers to its members and to meeting these crucial global goals.” 

Those interested in joining Regennabis, becoming a partner organization, or speaking at the October 27 event can visit us at or contact us directly at 

Regennabis Cannabis Live May 5 Event Quotes

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“Regennabis’ knowledge of the cannabis & hemp industry and focus on sustainability, branding and ESG Frameworks – aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals – is groundbreaking!”

Will Kennedy — Senior Program Officer, UN Office for Partnerships

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“Delivering a keynote at the Regenerative Cannabis Live event at the United Nations was one of the highlights of my career in cannabis. Every speaker and panel was outstanding. It was my honor to be surrounded by so many inspiring professionals working together to move our industry forward for the benefit of the world’s people and our planet. Thank you Patrick and team!’

Jamie Pearson — CEO, Bhang

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“Don’t laugh. I’m serious…My faith in cannabis conferences has been reignited. Thank you Geoff Trotter, Patrick McCartan and the Regennabis team for putting together such a thought provoking Regenerative Cannabis Live event.”

Bridget Hennessy — Vice President of Government Relations, Weedmaps 

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