Regrow Announces Further Growth of Advisory Board With Appointment of Randall Patten

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Regrow (the “Company”), the premier supply chain management cloud platform designed specifically for the cannabis industry, announced today the appointment of Randall Patten to its advisory board. Patten has 26 years of proven experience in leading companies to success in the cannabis space, including serving as co-founder of Canndescent and owner of Patten Horticulture.

Currently serving as President of Torabis Group, Patten will lend his expertise to Regrow’s development and market saturation goals alongside key technology and cannabis experts previously appointed to the Company’s strategically formed advisory board.

“Randall has spent years perfecting cannabis cultivation methodologies that he leveraged to support the success of what is now a flagship California luxury cannabis brand,” said Regrow CEO Rob Woodbyrne. “We look forward to incorporating Randall’s insight into our rapidly evolving growth strategy as we can continue to cater to the needs of operators on the frontlines of this multi-billion dollar market.”


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