Report: Low-THC cannabis products in Europe – EMCDDA, Lisbon, December 2020

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Table of contents

  • Introduction and rationale
    • What are low-THC cannabis products?
  • The situation in Europe regarding low-THC products
    • Types of low-THC products
    • The sale of low-THC products in Europe
    • Types of retailers
    • Origin of the products
    • Product quality
    • Marketing of low-THC products
    • Product labelling and disclaimers
    • Characteristics and motivations of users of low-THC products
    • The regulatory context for low-THC products
  • Recent regulatory responses to the rise in low-THC products
    • Regulating THC levels at national level
    • Regulating CBD products
    • Quality control and law enforcement
  • Looking to the future: what traction do low-THC products have?
  • References
  • Resources
  • Acknowledgements
Publication cover: Low-THC cannabis products in Europe / December 2020
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