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Beginning In 1988, Robert and I started publishing the Marijuana, Medicine and The Law series which eventually had five separate books all based on the hearings before Judge Young. Long out-of-print, these books are still available at Internet Archive. The first two volumes contain the testimony, briefs and decision from Judge Young’s hearings. Volume I contains the direct testimony (in affidavit form) of witnesses, pro and con, submitted in the case. Volume II has the legal briefs, oral arguments and Judge Young’s complete decision.

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Judge Young’s 35 year-old decision is front and center again

Alice O’Leary Randall — September 4, 2023
This Wednesday, September 6th, marks the 35th anniversary of Judge Francis Young’s historic ruling In the Matter of Marijuana Rescheduling. In 1988, after two years of study that included 13 days of public hearings around the country and 18 bound notebooks of testimony (Miami Herald, Sept. 21, 1988), DEA’s Chief Administrative Law Judge ruled that marijuana was improperly classified in Schedule I and should be rescheduled to Schedule II. Given the recent recommendation from DHHS to re-schedule cannabis to Schedule III, it seems a particularly good moment to look back on Judge Young’s timeless ruling.

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