A tweet supplied to us by one of our Australian sources has Cohen posting the following message today.



It’s been announced sounds as though he didn’t make the decision himself.


A quick look at the Freshleaf Analytics site shows he’s been replaced by Cassandra Hunt who has come in from Accenture


Cassandra Hunt – Source: https://freshleafanalytics.com.au/advisory-board/

The site says…..

Managing Director & Advisory Board Member

Cassandra is Managing Director of FreshLeaf Analytics. She has extensive experience in Health having advised pharmaceutical, life sciences, healthcare and consumer goods organisations on innovation, strategy and growth. Cass is highly skilled at bringing FreshLeaf’s diverse capability sets together to help medicinal cannabis clients identify opportunities for growth, shape data-led strategies, and develop new products, services and experiences. Prior to joining FreshLeaf Analytics, Cass built a career advising businesses on how to grow through innovation and human-centred design. She has worked with boutique consulting firms around the globe and, most recently, was a Partner at Accenture.

The “Advisory Board” consists of. Hunt, Cohen & Drury who we mentioned in an article last week heads up Southern Cannabis Holdings


The question now.. is will Hunt move the analytics side of the business away from the clinics and research businesses also under the Southern Cannabis Holdings umbrella to try and at least give some sort of impression of independence

Looking at the current make-up of the advisory board we’d suggest this is probably fairly unlikely.