Rooted Group – The Go-To For Administrative Infrastructure Secured 3 More Licenses Before Year’s End

Rooted Group, California’s biggest cannabis delivery platform, has just secured 3 new licenses before the end of the year.

Effective Immediately, Rooted Group has added to it’s infrastructure by adding 3 more cannabis licenses. Currently working with almost a quarter of all licensed cannabis delivery services, the need to acquire more licenses to better support the logistical hurdles is necessary.

Currently, Rooted Group provides support for hundreds of drivers on the road each day – expanding across all of California. With the addition of several licenses recently, Rooted Group gets that much closer to providing essential services to the infrastructure for licensed cannabis businesses.

With Securing licenses in Sacramento and more in Palm Springs increases the reach and most importantly, the services offered to its clients. “Rooted Groups goal is to be able to continue to provide exceptional backend services to its clients and make operating legally a little bit easier”. In a statement given by Matthew Ehorn, Communications Director of Rooted Group. “We will continue to be aggressive in achieving our Why in helping all operators get and stay legal. The system is not fair and we need to do our part in making the industry more inclusive. By adding to our infrastructure we are getting closer and closer to that goal.”

Rooted Group offers its Members Proprietary technology, administrative support, human resources, tax and accounting services, METRC and Importing staff, and its distribution network which gives access to order some of the most exclusive brands in California.

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About Rooted Group:
Rooted Group exists to help bring more inclusivity to the cannabis industry. We believe that anyone who wants to be a legal cannabis operator should be a legal cannabis operator. Helping people get and stay compliant through legal, management, and logistical support. Our infrastructure covers the entire State and supports a quarter of all cannabis delivery services in California. To learn more about the services we offer click here:

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