From the Editor: A client, writing under the pseudonym ‘George Watchington’, wrote this about the war on hemp. I thought it was worth sharing.

The media calls over-regulated, over-taxed, vertically-integrated, corporate Cannabis: “Recreational Marijuana” or “Medical Marijuana”.

The media calls free-market, federally legal, diversified-production Cannabis: “Intoxicating Hemp”.

The pejorative euphemism of “Intoxicating Hemp” is used to obfuscate the fact that both of these markets are comprised of the same plant: Cannabis Sativa L.

They also obfuscate that both markets comprise the same plant that has etymologically been known as “Hemp”. Cannabis Sativa L is hemp, and hemp is Cannabis Sativa L.

It’s all the same plant.

Hemp, Weed, Recreational/Medical Cannabis: these are all the same thing, scientifically speaking. Yet, it’s only the market the tyrants don’t control -and for this reason, they hate – that is designated as being “Intoxicating”, even though Medical and Recreational Cannabis are equally “Intoxicating.”

Why don’t they refer to Recreational Cannabis as “Intoxicating Marijuana”? Why don’t they refer to Alcohol as “Intoxicating Alcohol.” It would be silly to do so because everyone knows and accepts that alcohol is intoxicating, as well as being perfectly legal.

Applying the term “Intoxicating” to federally legal, free market Cannabis is a psychological warfare tactic that utilizes Sumptuary Law linguistics (pejorative euphemisms) to disparage the markets the tyrants perceive as competitors that they seek to destroy. Anyone who doesn’t know what the term Sumptuary Law means, should definitely look it up, as it is the system tyrants have used to control markets since the times of Ancient Greece. (Editor’s noteBlack’s Law Dictionary defines them as “Laws made for the purpose of restraining luxury or extravagance, particularly against inordinate expenditures in the matter of apparel, food, furniture, etc.” Wikipedia states: “Historically, they were intended to regulate and reinforce social hierarchies and morals through restrictions on clothing, food, and luxury expenditures, often depending on a person’s social rank.”)

It’s “rules for thee, and not for me.” It’s also disparaging terms for thee, and not for me. The object is to create separate rules for others – in particular, different rules for different classes. Economically disadvantaged people are better able to afford “Intoxicating Hemp” products from smoke shops, gas stations, and vape shops; where wealthier patrons can better afford the over- taxed, and expensive to produce, “Recreational/Medical Marijuana.” The tyrants are happy to allow the higher classes access to Cannabis Sativa L, but those “dirty peasants” want that less expensive “INTOXICATING HEMP!” Oh, the horror of it all!

The first line of attack against the lower class and their less expensive “Intoxicating Hemp” is the rallying cry by tyrants that these less well-off customers can’t keep their “Intoxicating Hemp” out of the hands of their very own children! The more well-to-do classes – it is implied – are better mentally equipped to prevent intoxicating Recreational/Medical Cannabis, alcohol, and drugstore compounds from falling into the hands of their children, as no legislative fear campaigns screech about banning any of these things even though they are all intoxicating. This makes little logical sense, as deaths from alcohol and drugstore compounds are an actual thing, whereas deaths from “Intoxicating Hemp” are not. Sumptuary Law is always illogical and can only thrive in a society that is largely ignorant of science and facts, and, the media is the Sumptuary Law promulgator’s primary psychological warfare platform.

We should not prostrate ourselves as second-class citizens and accept the pejorative euphemisms used by tyrants to describe free-market Cannabis. Accepting their disparaging terms admits defeat and compromise from the outset.

The tyrants have no problem with “Intoxicating” compound markets that they monopolize and control. They have no problem that most fine dining restaurants serve “Intoxicating” wine with their meals. They have no problem that Walgreens sells “Intoxicating” pain-relief medicines. Identifying the psychological warfare tactics of the tyrants is the first step to defeating them.

Do not accept these definitions created “for thee, and not for me.”

Editor’s note: Thanks to George Watchington for allowing me to post this piece. (You know who you are.)

June 9, 2024


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