Here’s the introduction to their piece…………Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has started its long-awaited cannabis cultivation amnesty program, a major move to pivot cultivators of illicit cannabis into the legal industry.

The amnesty program, which came into effect March 3, will allow individuals, who would otherwise face convictions for the illegal cultivation of cannabis under current law, to “surrender their crop or harvest upon the issuance of a traditional cultivation license.”

The bill that created the program, known as the Cannabis Cultivation (Amnesty) Bill, was passed by the House of Assembly in December 2018, as part of a package of legislation that legalized medical cannabis, and the program’s launch was announced by Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves on March 2. As written, the law must be reauthorized by the House of Assembly after one year.

The amnesty arrives at the same time as another major cannabis reform in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines—a decision by the government to grant permission for licensed cultivators to open bank accounts with the majority state-owned Bank of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. (Cultivators are named specifically because much of the other activity, from processing to distribution, will be overseen by the government.)

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Here are versions of all relevant Saint Vincent and the Grenadines legislation with regard to regulated cannabis issues


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