On the night of Thursday, Oct. 12 San Diego Police Department undertook a covert operation in order to put an end to illegal cannabis trafficking in San Diego County.

During the undercover operation, 6 men were arrested, all of which belonged to different cannabis delivery services. San Diego authorities also confiscated 12.76 pounds of cannabis during the op.

Given that California has just recently brought a law that outlaws businesses using unmanned vehicles such as robots, drones and similar to deliver cannabis to their consumers.

The law specifically states:

“Transportation may not be done by aircraft, watercraft, rail, drones, human-powered vehicles, or unmanned vehicles.”

It is more than clear that this leaves plenty room for men and women in cars to legally deliver cannabis to your doorstep, yet arrests are happening left and right in San Diego County.

All these arrests and raids come as a fairly big surprise, given that cannabis is getting legalized all over California, and in San Diego, you’ll be able to grow it in your home, and the city will have 40 recreational cannabis business at first.

Another thing that comes of as rather surprising is the fact that the Police Department confiscated almost 13 pounds of cannabis from the drivers arrested. Given that fires have ravaged California and quite possibly it’s weed supply.

Undercover Cops Bust San Diego Cannabis Delivery Organizations