He is quoted as saying

“Despite appearing radical on its face, S. 2237 actually supports the status quo. How can this be? Answering this question requires a hefty dose of reality. S. 2237 will not pass the Senate. It will not pass the House. It will not receive a committee hearing. It will die where it currently lives — in a stagnant pool of legislation with no hope whatsoever of advancing in the legislative process.”

The report goes on to say

I don’t question his passion or commitment to health care reform,” Hudak said in reference to Sanders’ dogged fight for single-payer healthcare reform. “You cannot add that historical commitment to marijuana. The record doesn’t suggest it. It suggests that this is political – that Sanders is reaching out to fire up a community that he considers his base.”

He added, “If Bernie Sanders is truly committed to the idea of reform, you think that he would co-sponsor the other legislation,” including the CARERS Act as well as the Small Business Tax Equity Act.

In fairness to Sanders, he did sign onto the Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act last October. But he will likely need to do more to prove to his sincerity about cannabis reform to colleagues and critics. Sanders was tepid toward the issue as recently as last June, when he expressed some misgivings about legalization. So for longtime activists and advocates, Sanders’ sudden conversion to legalization might – like his bill – seem too radical and too sudden to endorse.

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Bill  S.2237  Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015

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