La Opinion Austral reports

While the country advances in its regulatory framework, different municipalities in the province manage the creation of local registries. Ana Marzano, president of the Provincial Association of Medicinal Cannabis, spoke with La Opinion Austral.

While waiting for the Cannabis Program Registration, some localities in Santa Cruz are preparing the possible licensing legislation for the planting, cultivation and production of the plant . Puerto Deseado, with councilor Mario Cambi leading the management , Piedra Buena and Puerto San Julián are the municipalities of the province that intensify efforts to end the crime that marijuana drags.

Specifically, the ordinances proposed by both Piedrabuena and San Julián are an adhesion to the Provincial Law that approves National Law No. 27,350, on medical and scientific research on the medicinal use of the cannabis plant and its derivatives.

On the other hand, in Deseado there is an opening of the municipal authorities to create a self-cultivation figure in the locality, thus creating a local registry of the growers and consumers themselves, including here those who cultivate in a “solidarity” way – the alternative that allows that a person can cultivate for another who needs cannabis to counteract a certain pathology-.

“We must give the place to cannabis as a service and not as a crime,” said Ana Marzano, president of the Provincial Association of Medicinal Cannabis .

Then, in dialogue with La Opinion Austral , Marzano confirmed that Councilor Cambi’s proposal in Puerto Deseado also adds the creation of a Permanent Consultative Council  -which would have AProCaM referents among its members

“A document was presented at the national level, signed by all the country’s organizations involved, to request the immediate implementation of the registry, which has not yet been carried out. While this is happening, with people in hiding, families continue to suffer inconveniences , “said the head of the association.

In this sense, he confirmed that some partners in the province – who consume cannabis derivatives due to various diseases – lost their crops due to raids by the security forces . “All this ends with the creation of the registry,” he concluded.

Finally, regarding the situation in the capital of Santa Cruz, Marzano said: “In Río Gallegos, we hope to be able to meet with a councilor. We would need to be able to talk with a block interested in the subject, we believe it is possible to do so. We would like to be able to share our projects ”.

Buenos Aires

The Government of that province is growing in its efforts to regulate the research, production, commercialization and industrialization of cannabis for medicinal use . This week the bill creating the Agency and the Provincial Cannabis Registry was presented in the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies .

This presentation of the project was made by the Minister of Government of Buenos Aires , María Teresa García, and Daniel Gollán , Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, at the express request of Governor Kicillof . In this context of the exhibition, García commented: ” It allows us to advance on the definition of a comprehensive public policy on the subject of cannabis from research, production, commercialization, self-production and industrialization .