Sardinian Hemp Farmers Organise Sit In To Protest Police Seizures

Canape Industriale write…..The situation in Sardinia for hemp growers is becoming more and more complex. 

Now the Sardinian Canapicoltori Movement ,  including farmers and workers in the sector, is organizing a sit-in at the Palazzo del Consiglio Regionale Sardo, to ask “with extreme urgency a meeting with political representatives and defuse the paradoxical situation that has arisen in our territory , with the relative escalation of kidnappings and social problems “.

“The problem today returns more serious than ever, none of us can know how many complaints, trials, kidnappings and persecutions are necessary to awaken our politicians (representatives of the institutions) and convince them that in Sardinia we have a serious problem to solve, but even the prosecutors (representatives of the law and justice) that dispense searches and criminal proceedings, regardless of the emotional and economic stress to which they subject dozens of honest people “, is underlined in a press release that goes on to explain that:” So much zeal in persecuting those , without any obligation, he decided to report himself, throwing serious stains on their criminal record and in their tranquility “.

According to the Sardinian Canapicoltori Movement: “The motivation given is simplistic and banal for them, a legally cultivated plant , once cut, becomes an amazing one. Worthy of being prosecuted with the instruments provided for by the consolidated act which governs the subject of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Furthermore, the basic assumption of any supply chain is to enhance every segment, part, product and by- product of the plant, therefore we ask that it be kept in mind when the technicians, politicians, law enforcement agencies in charge will sit at the table to decide how to enhance the hemp supply chain “.




Recently, the lawyer Lorenzo Simonetti also returned to the subject, emphasizing that just yesterday he had two talks at the Sardinian prosecutor’s office with two different prosecutors on various critical issues. First of all, the profile of the THC assessment , underlining that “I represented that it is not possible to wait months for the analyzes and that, if this is the situation, we will proceed with the assessment of the damages that accrue due to the useless passing of time waiting for a toxicological result that can be done in 1 week “. Then the theme of the criminal association pursuant to article 74 of the Narcotics Law:

“I have been told”, writes the lawyer, “which will be evaluated from time to time. I would like to clarify that those who entertain contractual relationships with Sardinian farmers do not incur criminal charges “. Then the question of the contract for the destination of the goods : “it is an element that can find the right balance between farmer and justice. We are against the need for this type of contract, but at this serious moment we must be realistic. 

I personally invite you not to use the copy and paste administration contracts found online “. Finally, the ban on blossoming: “A legal concept that the Public Prosecutor of Cagliari continues to misrepresent. With regard to this profile, our battle continues in the requests for the return of seized goods and in appeals “. Then the lawyer refers to an update after the sit-in scheduled for November 10 in Cagliari.

The sit-in in the Region of Sardinia and the requests of the Movement

A complex situation, which the Sardinian Canapicoltori Movement intends to address with the sit-in and specific requests to the political institutions involved:

1. A consultation table should be set up immediately between the Region, the Prosecutors and our representatives, to immediately defuse the escalation we are witnessing;
2. Mandatory and urgent control activities , with regional tools, to block any criminal infiltration in the sector and guarantee greater protection to producers;
3. Approval of a sector law ;
4. Detailed production regulations for obtaining regional quality brands;
5. Research and development for the achievement of competitive advantages;
6. Stimulate and facilitate business aggregation ;
7. Create a trade fair event , in which to promote regional productions and have a position of excellence in the European market;

The growers and the workers in the sector are ready immediately to make themselves available in an active way for the achievement of the proposed results, confident that with a synergistic approach it is possible to revalue sectors and areas suffering from too many opportunities lost in the past. Dozens of entrepreneurs today find themselves groping between expenses incurred, criminal risks and a new and little-known market: we ask that the Region and all the institutions give us support. We are farmers, shepherds, cereal growers, horticulturists, retailers, professionals and even potential unemployed and injured persons.
Certain that we have not been unfoundedly polemical, trusting in your presence, we take this opportunity to invite you all to the demonstration on 10 November in Cagliari.


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