Scotland: Prison officer smuggled coke into maximum security jail after befriending killer

A prison officer who smuggled cocaine into a maximum-security jail after developing a ‘close relationship’ with a killer inmate is now facing time behind bars.  

eather McKenzie, 31, was working as an operations officer at HMP Shotts in Lanarkshire, Scotland, when she teamed up with convicted murderer Zak Malavin, 30.

An investigation was launched after officials noticed a ‘notable’ increase in illegal substances coming into the prison.

McKenzie was paid to keep the illicit supply operation going and stashed items close to Malavin’s cell, evidence showed.

The mum-of-two also convinced another prisoner to stay involved in the plan after Malavin warned her he was considering pulling out.

Cocaine and a mobile phone revealing texts and calls to McKenzie were found during two searches of Malavin’s cell, carried out in May and June 2020.

A police raid at her home in Forth, Lanarkshire, in October 2020 unearthed cocaine and benzocaine, a substance used as a local anaesthetic, as well as mobile phones, syringes and £2,500 in cash.

Phone analysis also showed messages between Malavin and McKenzie – who met with criminals to collect drugs, cash and phones.

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