Seedsman (USA) Says It Can No Longer Insure Australian Orders

Yesterday we received the following email from US / EU company Seedsman a cannabis seed supply company.

To be honest we’re suprised they are advertising the fact that they mail cannabis seeds to Australia, a country with some of the strongest bio-security laws on the planet.

But it does have us wondering if they also supply seeds to Australia’s listed medical cannabis companies?

A question we don’t know the answer to.

Here is the short email from “Tom” the CEO
I am afraid Seedsman is no longer able to insure any Australian orders.
We have also added a €200 spend limit to orders. If your order is over this amount you will not be able to pay for your order.
Your order is placed at your own risk and we will NOT be able to resend it if it doesn’t arrive.
We have tried our best to avoid this step but it is no longer possible. Be assured we will monitor market conditions closely and hope to extend this service again in future.
Best Regards
Tom, CEO





We would like to make a BIG apology to all of those customers who have had orders delayed recently.

We have had issues with our logistics due to the complexities of sending cannabis seeds and we haven’t managed it as well as we could have.

We are in the process of enlarging our teams, both logistics and customer service, so not only can we get orders out quicker, but also that we can get back to customers faster.  We are also moving to larger premises to enable us to scale up.

We are including extra free seeds with all orders that have been delayed to make clear our apologies and to show how much we value your custom.  We will also soon be relaunching our loyalty system, and will in the future add loyalty points for any delays.

We have had many customers upset with our drop in service and we absolutely understand why.

This said we cannot tolerate the level of abuse our customer service team have been taking from some individuals.  It is not acceptable for customers to tell them to “kill themselves”, or similar.  The delays are not due to our customer service team.  They are there to help you.

We will help all customers as much as we can but we will no longer respond to any abuse.  It’s unnecessary, unpleasant and if you feel you can talk to us like that then we no longer want your business.

Tom-Seedman CEO

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