Should Beginners Smoke, Vape, or Eat their first Marijuana Product?

What should beginners do when it comes to marijuana? Do they smoke, vape, or eat their first cannabis product? Smoking is one of the most popular methods of consuming marijuana. However, there are several reasons why beginners might want to try other ways of using cannabis before smoking. One reason is that inhaling smoke can irritate your lungs and throat which may lead to coughing fits and excess phlegm production, especially if you’re new at smoking weed. Vaping also doesn’t cause any irritation but without combustion, there’s no need for inhalation so it’s possible to use a vaporizer without having an urge to cough afterward. Like everything else, your method of marijuana consumption is a matter of preference. But since you’re just starting, we’re here to help you to explore the options.

Joints and bongs

Joints have always been a favorite, and are easy to use, but it may take a little practice before you’re able to roll a perfect joint. Once you get it right, all that’s left is to rip and inhale. Bongs on the other hand are pipes that use water to filter and cool down the smoke, creating a much smoother experience. As with other smoking methods, too much too quickly can cause bouts of coughing, so be wary of overdoing it. Bongs are a little easier to maintain and clean than vapes, and the best versions are those made of glass. Finding the perfect bong for you is not always easy, but you can find a large assortment at Bongs come in many shapes and sizes, and The Joint offers the largest selection in Canada.


Vaporizing is one of the trendiest methods of consumption due to the convenience offered by portable vaporizers. These come in desktop versions too, which are ideal for home use or sharing with a few friends. Vaporizers heat the concentrate or herb that you’ve loaded into it and turn the active compounds into vapor which you then inhale. There are many different vaping devices available on the market, and you have to do your research before making a decision. Or you could just head to a physical store specialized in cannabis like Cold Turkey Vape Shop, where experienced professionals will answer all your health and safety questions. They even have a sampling bar where you can try different products out.

Vaping is considered to be a healthier method of consumption since it doesn’t produce harsh smoke that can burn your throat and lungs, and although the effects are not as powerful as smoking, they are still long-lasting. You will however need to perform regular maintenance on your vaporizer to ensure optimal smoke each time.


Edibles are considered a favorable option for those who wish to consume without smoking or vaping and to do so discreetly. Marijuana can be infused into almost every kind of food, from cakes to candies and even cooking oils. This is probably the safest method of consumption, with no damage to the throat, no irritation, or coughing, and it delivers the longest lasting effect too, although it can take an hour for you to experience the effects after consumption. Edibles are convenient and consuming are as simple as popping a gummy in your mouth, and are ideal for coping with issues like insomnia or pain.

Dab rigs

Dab rigs are vaporizing devices that use a heating surface called a nail to heat potent cannabis concentrates. Dabbing is one of the younger methods of consumption but had fast gained traction due to the extremely potent hit that it delivers. Dab rigs are among the most expensive pieces of cannabis equipment and require regular maintenance and thorough cleaning after use. The benefits of dabbing include a cleaner smoke and much more potent highs. Again, it may take some time to nail this method of consumption, but users rate its effects as one of the best. You may still run the risk of a little irritation, and the rule is always to start low and go slow.

Cannabis consumption is not just something intended for recreational use. Most of the earliest reasons for consumption were purely medicinal. Before you start on this journey, you should assess the reason for consumption, and this will make your preferred method much easier to ascertain. If, for instance, you aim to deal with chronic pain, the benefits of edibles are more well suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you’re looking just for some relaxation, you might want to consider vaping as a start. Whatever the reason, as a beginner, it always helps to be in the company of experienced users that you know and trust.

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