Over the last few months of reporting on the subject here at  CLR we’ve noticed the same issue.

Laws, laws and more laws to ensure that marijuana consumption is still kept somewhat behind the lace curtains as we’d say in the UK.

This means certain types of people and some minorities are going to be singled out by law enforcement for breaking those “rules”

Obviously we shouldn’t be complaining as our modus operandi at CLR is to generate revenue by ensuring all these disparate sets of legislation & rules and the plethora of information on the subject is all brought under one roof. Then be organized, arranged and managed to help you make more sense of what’s happening out there and advise clients, legislators, investors and a whole host of other individuals and organizations in order to create a system that works reasonably efficiently.

Yet we can’t help but think that the current approach of “by degrees” will make the whole system more inefficient and we aren’t so naive not to understand that politics and economics is also over 95% of the game.

The Slate article puts it far more eloquently and we suggest you read it at  http://www.slate.com/articles/business/metropolis/2015/12/marijuana_legalization_needs_to_extend_to_public_spaces.html