Smoking Accessories To Add to Your Cannabis Kit

Besides cannabis, smoking accessories and stoner memorabilia are growing into a big market in today’s world. For anyone who smokes cannabis and uses the proper accessories, you must know that accessories also contribute to a significant part of the smoking experience.

If you visit any smoke shop online, you will find a vast list of smoking accessories for all smoking styles. From vaporizers to rolling kits and smoking essentials, the options are unlimited. Whether you are a seasoned smoker or a rookie, there are certain smoking accessories that you must have in your kit. Given below are few such accessories.

Rolling Papers

Despite owning a killer bong or chillum, a smoking experience is never complete without getting that strong puff from a traditional joint. The majority of the stoners still enjoy the experience of rolling a joint from scratch. You may associate joints with your early smoking days when finding rolling papers seemed to be an arduous task.

However, you may now find high-end rolling papers in any smoke shop online. It does not matter if you are a rookie or a seasoned stoner; rolling papers are a must-have for every stoner.

Roach Clips

If you are an exclusive joint smoker, another accessory that can help elevate your smoking experience is roach clips. If you are keen on getting every last puff of the joint, add roach clips to your list.

Roach clips are devices that use small pincers to hold the joint. You can buy the plain format roach clips or those disguised as necklaces and such to maintain discretion. All regular joint smokers must have a roach clip in the smoking kit.


Grinders help crush the herbs, which makes them easier to smoke. All you have to do is place the stash in the device and twist it to crush the goods.

The majority of the grinders also have a separate tray or compartment for storing cannabis. You can purchase grinders made of stainless steel, aluminum, or even titanium in any smoke shop online. There are grinders in all price ranges starting from $5, ranging up to even $45.

Simple Bongs

Many find bongs as the ideal method of combustion for smoking cannabis. If you use a bong, it removes most of the carcinogens in the herb through the filter. As bongs use water to filter the marijuana smoke, you get to taste more of the herb’s flavors. It is also reasonably easy to clean and offers intense hits.

Also known as water pipes, you can get these in silicone or glass. For all indoor smokers, simple bongs will make a great smoking accessory.


Unlike bongs, chillums are accessories that can be used both indoors and while traveling. These are handheld pipes, also called bowls. Chillums come in pretty small sizes, making them the first choice for discreet smokers.

They come in all price ranges and are made of various materials like silicone, stone, and glass. From the olden times, chillums have remained on the top of the list of must-have smoking accessories.

For any product you get, make sure that you purchase it from a reliable online smoke shop. Verify the quality and read the reviews before you buy a product. Check what accessories are missing in your kit, and purchase it from a reputed seller.



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