Smoking or Vaping: the better solution to reduce Blood pressure

Everyone would agree an increased blood pressure is a sign of early heart health risks; if ignored can turn into something much more serious. An increase in heart health risk can also lead to certain serious issues that can also be fatal.


There is not one but many factors contributing to an increase in blood pressure; some of them are-

  • Uneven lifestyle.
  • Food consumption with more salt.
  • Lack of any physical activity.
  • Old age.
  • Large amounts of caffeine-based drinks.
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns.


There are many other factors that might indirectly contribute to your increased blood pressure. One of the biggest reasons for high blood pressure is “Hypertension.”


How does smoking affect blood pressure?

When you smoke a cigarette, studies show that your blood pressure tends to peak. Cigarette smoking is associated with nicotine and is one of the main reasons behind the problem. Your blood pressure, as well as your heart rate, rises as a result of narrowing arteries and their walls getting hardened. This may result in blood clotting and stressing up your heart. This stress might set up the right atmosphere to set your heart for an attack.

You might have seen a trend of smokers shifting to weed vaporizers to reduce the side effects drastically. Vaporizers are grabbing the market by the second. It is recommended to go through plants before pills article to understand how and why their popularity is on the rise. The ascent in the pulse is expected to contribute to both an expansion in heart rate and total peripheral vascular opposition. Coronary illness and strokes are among the most common reasons for untimely death. Smoking is a big reason behind death at such a young age. Studies also say that non-smokers have a lesser risk of heart diseases, hypertension, and high blood pressure than the ones who smoke. Nicotine is the reason behind all this, it is also a very addictive substance. Smokers have to go through hard times when they think of quitting.


How do weed vaporizers affect your blood pressure?

Vaping has come out as a rescue for smokers. There are different varieties of weed vaporizers that can provide you the relaxation of smoking while giving you the benefits of Cannabis or any other weed that you are smoking.

With Vaporizers, you can enjoy the goodness of weed. Vaporizers slowly warm the weed inside. There are many enzymes that get released when Cannabis is heated. The fumes that rise from Cannabis contain all the healthy ingredients of the weed. When anyone takes in those fumes, they tend to receive this goodness as well. In a way, you are getting the medicinal benefits of Cannabis and the pleasure of smoking without the ill effects.

The after-effects of vaping are also very soothing and relaxing. So, if you are choosing vaporizers over cigarettes, you will get relaxation, which in turn will help you in reducing hypertension. Hypertension is one of the key factors responsible for high blood pressure. So when you choose a vaporizer, you are making a healthier choice. Hypertension reduces, but there are also many other factors that get treated when Cannabis is vaped. This way, the chances of getting a heart stroke or any other heart-related risks are minimized.


Why should you be worried about your blood pressure?

Blood pressure is nothing but a parameter to know how healthy your heart is. If your blood pressure is normal and kept in check, it is very unlikely that you will get a heart attack or a stroke.

Normal blood pressure indicates that your heart is functioning properly. If your heartbeat or blood pressure shows any variation, it is a way of your body telling you that something might be wrong. When taken care of immediately, it will ensure that you are in good condition. If you ignore this, it will move on to become something much more serious. It is better to look for all the signs and keep your health in check.


Vaporizers vs. cigarettes

  • Lauren Watts, a weed expert at vaporizers help unravel the goodness of cannabis by releasing enzymes that are good for your health. When you talk about nicotine, cigarettes are far more addictive and harmful to your health.
  • You can get mind relaxation with both cigarettes and vaporizers, but your Hypertension-reducing and blood pressure maintaining enzymes are much more in weed vaporizers than cigarettes. You can say the heart health is kept in check more when cigarettes are replaced with vaporizers.
  • Both cigarettes and vaporizers are, in a way, releasing fumes. So both are popular among the users. But when you take your health into account, the latter is preferred. Vaporizers aren’t harsh on the lungs, so in a way, they are not as damaging as cigarettes. They allow weed absorption and, in a way, is giving you a healthy alternative to cigarettes.


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