Smuggling of Hashish Stuffed in Shampoo Bottles Foiled at Kuwait Airport

KUWAIT CITY, June 30: A traveler arriving at Kuwait Airport’s Terminal 5 (T5) from an Arab country was arrested by customs officials after being found in possession of a variety of hashish. The incident unfolded when a customs inspector grew suspicious of the traveler and decided to conduct a thorough examination of his bags. To their surprise, they discovered seemingly ordinary shampoo boxes that concealed pieces of hashish. The total amount of seized hashish was estimated to be around 28 packets.

What stood out was the sophisticated manner in which the cans were tampered with. The hashish had been skillfully concealed inside the bottles, resealed, and arranged in a manner intended to avoid arousing suspicion. However, the vigilant customs inspectors were quick to detect the illicit items.

Consequently, appropriate legal measures were taken, and both the accused individual and the seized contraband were handed over to the relevant authorities for further action.

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