In this webinar we invite Ross McPhail to discuss GACP (Good Agricultural Collection Practices) interpretations as it applies to cannabis licensing and potentially how SAHPRA views licensing requirements in South Africa.

We review differences between a Section 22C(1)(b) license and Section 22A(9)(a)(i) license/permit, along with SAHPRA and DALRDD’s respective roles.

GACP is reviewed in context of WHO, AHPA, EMEA and EUROPAM standards, with an attempt to clarify where GACP stops and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) starts.

The discussion highlights consideration for the importation of seeds and discusses SOPs, QMS documents and site master files along with exportation requirements as it relates to INCB limits.

Please refer to the channel for previously discussed topics such as: Cannabis and hemp extraction workflows. Cannabis Inflorescence quality considerations including stability for EU-GMP Offtake Cannabis GMP standards (CFR 111 vs 211) and offtake pricing