The San Jose Spot Light. reports…….Santa Clara County’s cannabis dispensaries will no longer be allowed to sell recreational marijuana at their shops under a new stay at home order issued by top health officials this week.

It’s a reversal from a decision a few weeks ago that allowed the shops to stay open for both recreational and medicinal customers — deeming both an “essential service.” Now, medical marijuana can be dispensed inside the stores or curbside. But recreational users must use a delivery service to receive their cannabis while they shelter in place.

The change drew sharp criticism from the industry even before dispensaries were formally notified that they would face the harsh new restrictions.

“The county is anti-cannabis and they are imposing their moral will on the only city in the county that allows it — but they’re disguising it as a public health concern,” said Sean Kali-rai, founder of the Silicon Valley Cannabis Alliance.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen gave new guidance late Tuesday to the San Jose Police Department on cannabis dispensaries — which have been operating in the city under strictly enforced social distancing rules during the public health order for Bay Area residents to shelter in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The SJPD, based on legal guidance from the DA — who is charged with enforcing the public health officer’s order — notified the 16 licensed cannabis dispensaries in San Jose of the major change on Wednesday. Rosen could not immediately be reached for comment, but the changes were confirmed by San Jose officials.

Under the revised order, dispensaries will not be allowed to serve so-called “adult-use” or “recreational” customers inside their stores — only “medical customers with a doctor’s recommendation can pick up weed at the shop.

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