warns of the dangers of traveling to South Dakota with any trace of marijuana in your urine or bloodstream

In South Dakota, it’s not just illegal to ingest or possess marijuana, it’s also illegal to have ingested it elsewhere — legally — even if weeks earlier.+

Welcome to the land of “Weird Laws that Make No Sense,” where South Dakota lawmakers are apparently running a masters course in absurdity.+

According to the state’s Codified Laws Chapter 22-42-15, it is a Class 1 misdemeanor to ingest a “substance, except alcoholic beverages, for the purpose of becoming intoxicated,” regardless of the “venue for violation.”+

The law stipulates that the “venue for a violation of this section exists in either the jurisdiction in which the substance was ingested, inhaled, or otherwise taken into the body or the jurisdiction in which the substance was detected in the body of the accused.”+

It’s called “internal possession,” and what all that legal jargon boils down to is: if police find marijuana in your system in the state of South Dakota, you’re going to jail.+

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