Spain: Cannabis farm as big as 16 football pitches found in Europe’s biggest ever cannabis raid

The UK’s Daily Mirror reports…

The enormous cannabis farm in Huerta de Valdecar Banos, Toledo, Spain, covered an area larger than 16 football pitches and has seen three people arrested

A cannabis farm has been discovered as part of the largest drug operation in European history.

Images show the scale of the farm which is larger than the size of 16 football pitches.

The cannabis planation was foundin Huerta de Valdecar Banos, Toledo, Spain and was  growing industrial marijuana on a site of  120,000 square-metres

The huge plant is 120,000 square-metres in size

Image: Credit: Guardia Civil/Pen News)

Upon discovering the illegal farm, officers seized 135,000 marijuana plants and made three arrests.

30 tons of dried marijuana and 3,720kg of buds were intercepted at warehouses

The bust is reckoned to be the largest of its kind in European history.

Since the raid, three people have been arrested and six more are under investigation.

A Civil Guard spokesperson said: “The farm where this plantation was located covered an area of 12 hectares, with permanent surveillance 24 hours a day.

“In the vicinity there were two warehouses arranged with material to be converted into indoor marijuana crops for a greater increase in production.

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