Spain – Step Closer To Regulated Cannabis ?

13 May Conor O’Brien, Prohibition Partners writes

Today, the Comisión de Sanidad y Consumo (Spanish Congressional Health and Consumer Affairs Commission) voted to establish a subcommittee with the express purpose of exploring the potential of medical cannabis legalisation by examining policies in other countries and producing a report for the consideration of the government.

Today, the committee of the Spanish Congress voted in favour of a proposal filed by the Grupo Parlamentario Vasco (Basque Parliamentary Group), with the support of several groups, including the Observatario España de Cannabis Medicinal (Spanish Medicinal Cannabis Observer). The proposal, which was voted in by a majority of 20 votes in favour versus 14 against, establishes a subcommittee which will investigate the effects of regulated medical cannabis systems in other countries. The stated aims include ‘Giving a voice and listening to experiences of others and to everything that can enrich our own reflection: the legal bases, scientific evidence and technical difficulties for its implementation (of medical cannabis access)’.

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