Spain: Stepson of Marbella mayor to be prosecuted over alleged drug and money laundering crimes

Joakim Broberg is accused of masterminding sending hashish and marijuana from Spain to Sweden in a case in which his father has also been implicated

The stepson of Mayor of Marbella Ángeles Muñoz is to be prosecuted as part of a criminal case involving an alleged drug- running operation between Spain and Sweden. The mayor’s husband, Lars Broberg, has also been implicated in the inquiry but, so far, will not be prosecuted. Ángeles Muñoz stressed this week that the case had nothing to do with her or Marbella town hall.

A judge at the upper Audiencia Nacional court in Madrid has explained in a summary of the case how a complex network was set up to source hashish and marijuana in Andalucía – principally in Malaga province – and send it to Scandinavia, where the price is five to six times more.

Joakim Broberg, who is the son of the mayor of Marbella’s husband, Lars Broberg, from his first marriage, has been singled out by the inquiry as the supposed head of the gang.

Besides Joakim, the judge has identified two close collaborators: one allegedly made personal contacts and ran the tracking and transport; another acted almost as a business partner with the role of “administrator and financier” of the drug trafficking operation.

As well as setting out how the gang is alleged to have worked, the judge goes on to explain a network set up to launder the huge amounts of money earned from the drugs.

This is where the name of Lars, father of Joakim (from Lars’ first marriage) and now husband of the mayor of Marbella appears. Lars Broberg has been told he will not be prosecuted for the time being for health reasons – the judge cannot be sure that he would be well enough to defend himself, although this decision will be reviewed from time to time.

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