Spanish Police Seize 1.5 Tonnes of Cocaine Over Busy Weekend

Spanish police had a busy weekend, discovering almost 1.5 tonnes of cocaine, including one investigation that was connected to a 1.3-tonne drug bust in Colombia back in March.

Spanish Police seized almost 1.5 tonnes of cocaine over the weekend, with one investigation linked to a 3.7 drug bust carried out by Colombian authorities back in March. (Photo: Guardia CivilLicense)National Police and Civil Guard agents made multiple seizures in the Port of Vigo and along the coast of Barbate, preventing transnational drug trafficking organizations from obtaining 650 and 772 kilograms of product, respectively.

The National Police investigation targeted a Colombian cartel that had tried to expand its interests in Spain through the fresh fruit trade shared between the two countries.

The authorities became aware of the group’s activities following a 3.7-tonne cocaine bust by the Colombian Anti-Narcotics Department in March. During their inspection, Colombian agents found that 1.3 tonnes of the cartel’s product, hidden among a container shipment of bananas, was destined for the Port of Vigo.

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