ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spektrum Cannabis Technologies today introduced the cannabis processing industry’s first fully enclosed, integrated, and automated full spectrum oil extraction unit, the Spektrum FSO Module, engineered for large scale hemp producers and their partners.

Industry-first in cannabis and hemp extraction. Fully automated and integrated, turnkey processing modules can be delivered nearly anywhere. #cannabis #extraction #hemp

“Our goal at Spektrum is to bring industrial extraction to everyone with a crop and dream,” says Spektrum’s Product Director, Cassandra Howard. “Our modular units can be delivered nearly anywhere and can be fully operational in no time, processing up to 110 lbs of biomass per hour with a solvent recovery rate of greater than 95%.”

Unlike the less advanced skid systems, the Spektrum line of CBD processing technologies brings together every necessary component for full production in C1D1/D2-rated enclosures, eliminating the ensuing risk and cost for new constructions or building retrofits.

“We designed this from the ground up to include everything you could possibly want in a complete hemp biomass processing solution, like a lab and extraction system all wrapped up in a nice box and ready to go,” says Senior Chemist Meghan McCormick, PhD. “We were able to make this industry-first a reality thanks to our lead process engineering team, process piping group, controls team, and more than 100 other talented individuals who bring thousands of hours of experience to Spektrum.”

The Spektrum FSO Module includes:

  • Built-in security meeting regulatory standards
  • Full automation with tablet-based interface for remote visibility and control
  • Cold ethanol extraction: 1.1 gal per lb of biomass
  • Greater than 95% ethanol recovery
  • Clean-in-place operation
  • Post extraction processing, including winterization
  • Efficient 20-minute cycle time
  • Proprietary multi-step filtration for clean, pure oil
  • Customizable oil decarboxylation settings
  • Nitrogen blanket for safety and prevention of cannabinoid decomposition
  • Optional cGMP, GMP and EUGMP compliance package
  • Easy scale up and/or relocation
  • Optional full architectural, engineering, and site prep package

Utility, Isolate, and Distillate Modules can be added to complete the Spektrum production line. Smaller capacity extraction modules are also available.

The Spektrum line of modularized CBD processing technologies was designed by Spektrum’s dream team of chemists, engineers, and fabricators in partnership with industry leading process engineers.

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About Spektrum Cannabis Technologies

Spektrum Cannabis Technologies brings innovative processing solutions to large-scale hemp and cannabis producers and their partners. Spektrum turnkey systems are expertly designed, engineered, and fabricated in the U.S. to meet regulatory guidelines for extraction, distillation, and crystallization of CBD. Our solutions have been developed by a team of over 120 engineers and PhDs with thousands of hours of combined experience. Learn more about Spektrum at


Cassandra Howard
Brand/Product Marketing