Summer Story: Freaze Ice Pops are hitting shelves at dispensaries in California this month.

Sublime Launches California’s First Cannabis-Infused Freezer  reads the press release

Here’s a bit of blurb. Let us know if they taste any good !

Sublime, an award-winning cannabis manufacturing company located in Oakland, Calif., is launching its latest edible product: Freaze, a cannabis-infused freezer pop.

Just in time for the heat of the summer and the Fourth of July holiday, they contain roughly 10mg of THC per pop and come in two throwback flavors – Fruit Punch and Blue Raspberry. Freaze ice pops were inspired by other classic “take-home-and-freeze” confections and will be the first of their kind on the legal California cannabis market. The pops will be available to purchase at first in a 2-pack, with one of each flavor, and in a 10-pack coming later this month. They are best enjoyed straight out of the freezer.

Freaze cannabis-infused ice pops, have been launched in a limited release and are set to head to dispensaries statewide. They represent the first “take home and freeze” product in the California markets.

Incidentally, don’t call them “Popsicle®”; that’s a brand name for frozen ice on a stick owned by Good Humor-Breyers. Freaze Ice Pops have no stick and are more akin to Fla-Vor-Ice, the trademarked name for a type of freezie that comes in a clear plastic container.

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